Politics, strategy and sales negotiation Course with Dr. Michael Neubert, Ph.D




Dr. Michael Neubert, Ph.D, teaches Strategic Management, Strategic Marketing, Corporate Entrepreneurship, and (International) Finance in the MBA programs at The International School of Managemente (ISM). He also lectures International Entrepreneurship and Intercultural Management at other universities like the University of Vorarlberg and the University of Liechtenstein. He came to Paraguay as a Visiting Scholar to teach Politics, Strategy and Sales Negotiation at Universidad Paraguayo Alemana.

Dr. Michael Neubert, is also CEO at C2NM company2newmarket®.

Hello Dr. Neubert, I have a few questions for you, can you tell me how was your experience with the students while teaching your subject?

Michael: I had a very good experience with my students. Excellent experience.

Which were the differences and similarities between students in Europe and here?

Michael: First one I would like to say that students are well prepared for any intercultural experience, that they are prepared to work or to live in an intercultural or international environment. I think that is very good and what I also think is that – based on the language skills- they are (certainly there might be an exception) but most of them are prepared for the presentations on the same academic level as is required in Germany. (…)

How was the presentation today?

Michael: Excellent, they had a very good performance.

You could understand their everyday German talk?

Michael: Yes. The classes were in German. German or German. That’s the choice.

They didn’t have the choice to speak English or Spanish? Ok, that’s difficult for us.

Michael: No, but is important to notice that German is becoming more and more important, because when you really analyze the market environment in Europe, the markets where are still jobs are Switzerland, Germany and Austria. A lot of french or spanish students are starting to learn German because they want to get a job there. But in the world, there are a million of students who speak English, so if you want to have a competitive advantage, learn German. And what is important to be understood, is that when someone comes from a different country, with a Spanish speaking background like here in Paraguay and you speak German really good, then you have a huge competitive advantage because Germany is an export nation and that means we send our products around the world. The same applies to Austria and Switzerland. We need people who understand German, but can understand the power of the markets to whom we are selling.

For example, Latin America.

Michael: Yes. Is so important. And this education method you have here, give students a real competitive advantage.

About your stay here, how was it?

Michael: I loved it. On the weekends I made trips. I was in Chaco and I travel to this city in the south… Encarnación.

We tend to go to Encarnación on sunny days cause we don’t have an ocean, so we just have the beach from there in January.

Michael: And last year I was in Ciudad del Este, Iguazu, Itaipú, San Bernardino.

You know already a lot of places here in Paraguay. Are you planning to come back next year?

Michael: I hope so. It would be great.

Do you teach in universities in Switzerland or Germany?

Michael: Mainly predominance I teach in an university in Paris-France, International School of Management and Professor, International Management, and I also am the president of the supervisor report. This is like, there is a rector and then a support, and the president of this support of the university. And I also teach in a University in Lichtenstein and one university in Austria.

So is there any message you would like to leave the students?

Michael: They should continue to learn German and they should enjoy their time in Germany. They should go into the world and discover it. I think that’s very important.

Thank you very much for this interview.