Interview with Professor Dr. Víctor Van Reijswood



How did you get in touch with the UPA?

The university got in touch with me actually because I know Stijn for quite some time and he was telling me about the project and he asked me what would I like to teach and I thought it was a very interesting offer.

What do you think about the university in general?

I think it is a particular one because is so strongly focus on Germany, language seems to be very important and I believe it is very good that students get exposure since Germany is a strong country in Europe. Technology is a very strong side of the University.

How would you describe UPA students?

What I have found is an amazing level of motivation. The students are very motivated to understand, they are very responsible. They take responsibility of their own learning. They are motivated to find the answers which is among the most important skills of learning. If there is a problem they try to solve it and they don´t wait for someone to give them the answer.

What would you say to students entering UPA next year?

What I would say to them is that the UPA would give you the opportunity of having influences from all over the world, lectures from different universities,  from different backgrounds, different ways of teaching. They will have much more exposure to the world.