Interview with PhD Barbara Sprick

PhD Barbara Sprick
PhD Barbara Sprick
PhD Barbara Sprick

PhD Barbara Sprick is a researcher at TU Darmstadt, Informatik, MAIS since 2008. She has also a large experience in technical consulting, working for the Graduate School of Telecommunication and Information Technology, Ethiopian Telecom Corporation (ETC), and at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, for the Project ICT assisted development (ICTAD) , German Development Service (DED).

She was also an assistant professor at Addis Ababa University, Addis Ababa, in Ethiopia. Recently she has been at UPA as a Visiting Scholar. 

We wanted to know about her stay in Paraguay, and so we did a little interview to her. Here we share part of the interview.

We would like to know more about your visit in our country, about your classes and the subject you were in charge. Have you ever been in Paraguay before?

Bárbara: Yes, for last time 2 years ago and once for the accreditation, one year ago.

Who contacted you to come and teach here?

Bárbara: Stijn did.

What subject have you been teaching during your stay?

Bárbara: Business information system, is a subject to be taken by IT students so as business students, and it brings together the two uses of IT and business and about information systems, so the IT view in a Company business view. How to combine these two, so that’s basically the intersection of the subject.

How was your experience with Paraguayan students?

Bárbara: So the Paraguayan students are very similar to German students. They need to see some incentive when they learn, so, they need have a motivation for learning. That’s everywhere in the world, if I don’t know why I should learn something, then is very difficult to learn and to study. What I like at most is that they are frank and they ask questions they want to know and they also tell you if they don’t like something.

Your classes were in English or in German?

Bárbara:  It was in English.

What did you like the most about Paraguay? Not just UPA, about the country during your stay.

Bárbara: People are extremely open and friendly and joyful to talk to, so that’s why liked about the people.

That was the last question I had. Would you like to add something?

Bárbara: Yes. This time I learned a Little bit more about the country, but coming here from Germany for the 3rth time, I still know very Little about the country. So next time when I come back I plan to see more so that hopefully I understand it more. I’m quite interested. I think Paraguay has a very interesting culture. So there’s a lot to learn for me.

So you want to come again in the future?

Bárbara: Yeah that is my plan. Next year we already settle it so it should be fixed, and next year hopefully I can come again.

That’s good. I really appreciate your time for this interview. Thank you a lot.